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The Clock has arrived home again!


Thanks to many volunteers, our clock has been set in it’s new location on the corner of the new History Center!clock4

Although it was raining and in the 30’s to start the crew did a spectacular job of safely moving the clock Saturday, November 19, 2016.  The clock now is back to chiming on the hour, serving Athens.

We would also like to thank all the people who donated funds to make the clock move possible and to our board members Alan Goldsberry and Bill Walker for spearheading the “Move the Clock” committee.

The following is an excerpt  from the latest Bulletin Article on the clock entitled “Time Travels”

“Originally installed with brackets from the edge of the Bank of Athens building on the northwest corner of Court Street and Washinton, the clock was moved diagonally across the intersection, it was mounted by brackets to the corner of the Athens National Bank buildling.  After a fire in the early 1970’s it was mounted on a pole on the sidewalk in front of the bank.  Dismantled subsequently to suffering decline sometime after 2004, it was rescued from an inelegant demise by local buisinessmen Les Cornwell, Brent Hayes, and Stever Curtis.  After a Tick-Tock, Raise the Clock fundraising effort, it was resurrected on North Court Street beside the Athens County Historical Society and museum.”

The glass art on the clock has changed with the changing locations.  The Bank of Athens, Athens National bank and Bank One have all had art glass panels identifying the changing owners.  Local architect and artisan, David Reiser made new stained glass panels when it moved to the Museum.  Four different panels reflect some of the clock’s history.  Today the panels represent the Bank of Athens and Athens National Bank, the City of Athens, Cornwell Jewelers, and the Athens County Historical Society and Museum.