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The Art of Conflict: 2 Veterans Art Exhibit opens this Friday at the Majestic Gallery in Nelsonville



Final Friday, May 25, 2018 Exhibit Opening 6PM-10PM

Illustrations by Jon Jager Photography by Larry Burfield

This exhibition will be comprised of illustrations and printed propaganda pieces of psychological operations

(PsyOps) used in the war zone, contrasted against photographs of war protests, both for and against, that

took place on the streets in Washington D.C. These works will show differences in artistic mediums and in

their goals to fight and hopefully win a war versus trying to end or support the war effort. Personal artwork

of sketches, paintings and photos done while in-country will also be on display. Much of the PsyOps works

have rarely been seen or understood by the public as an aspect of the war effort. On the other hand, war

protest pictures (but not these particular ones) were seen by most Americans printed in newspapers and

magazines on a daily and weekly basis. The works of art will be shown as two contrasting displays in

separate gallery rooms to underscore the different uses of art.

The works are not so much about art for arts sake but about artistry used for particular purposes during a

trying time in American history. The show will also be an historical perspective of that time – pieces and

details as best remembered by the artists. The two artists are both veterans. Jon Jager was stationed in

DaNang, Vietnam with the 7th Psychological Operations Battalion for a year in 1969-70 producing PsyOps

propaganda materials with the Army. Larry Burfield served in the United States Air Force, working in

remote Radar Operations and eventually in Special Operations with the US AF 919th Special Operations

Group, 711 Special Operations Squadron.

For more information contact: Kathy Guest, President, Majestic Galleries

Phone: 740-332-3231

Email: MajesticGalleries@gmail.coni