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Silent Film “Shoulder Arms” with Charlie Chaplin showing at SEOHC


Come join us on Thursday,  April 6th at 6:00pm at SEOHC for some early evening entertainment as we show the Silent 1918 film “Shoulder Arms” which will be accompanied by renown organist Dennis James on piano. Admission is $10 for a night of fun and laughter- what could be better on a Thursday night?

Introduction will be given by board member and historian Sherry Hill.

Charlie is recruited to the “awkward squad”. Posted to the front line in France, he encounters all the privations of trench life – snipers, flood, food rations, solitude, lice and other vermin. He meets a French girl, whom he subsequently rescues from the German troops. After assuming a series of disguises, he manages to hijack the German Kaiser along with the Crown Prince and General von Hindenburg … but then wakes up, still in the “awkward squad”

Cast :Charles Chaplin, Edna Purviance, Sydney Chaplin, Jack Wilson, Henry Bergman, Albert Austin, Tom Wilson, John Rand, Park Jones, Loyal Underwood

Tickets will be sold at the door or you can buy tickets from our gift shop at 24 W. State Street in Athens.   Bring a friend and have a ball!

For more information, call 740-592-2280 and choose gift shop extension.