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September update on Construction and remodeling


Here it is already September and we at the History Center are working to the daily sounds of saws, hammers and large machinery! Many things are happening now, the Library floor in the balcony area is being reinforced to carry the load of heavy bookshelves and furniture and the entrance to the elevator has been sawed out. We have plasters working to patch all the holes in the walls and ceilings as well.Library 2

Outside, the contractors came to dig the pit that will house the elevator shaft only to find that the entire area where the elevator is going is composed of sand. The concrete cannot be poured onto a base of sand so we have 20, stainless steel posts coming that will be drilled in the bedrock over 40 feet down to anchor the base for the elevator. Once we have a stable base, the bricklayers can begin to build the annex that will house the elevator, an office and foyer space.

Elevator pit 2

In the good news section, the ADA bathrooms are being finished and the contractor will begin on the office rooms adjacent to them soon.


Library floor

In the photo above, you can see new boards being installed on either side of the existing floor boards in the Library area to stabilize support for the bookshelves.

Collections and their office space have been almost completed and they are hard at work down there keeping everything safe.


The administrative offices are still in the balcony, which is actually a pretty cool place to have an office!


That’s it for now, have a wonderful September!