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Remember These Great Old Time Toys?


These tin wind-up toys were the modern technology of the mid-century. Anyone from the Baby Boomer generation and back will remember playing with these great wind-up toys!

We found a distributor who shops the world for vintage tin toys so we’ve stocked the shelves with all the great ones, from banks with birds that come out and snatch your coin, to carousels with horses and bi-planes.

These toys are sold only in our Museum Shop located at 24 W. State Street in Athens and not on our web-store, so come on in and have some fun with these great old toys.  We also have a collection of wooden toys, from Domino sets to yo-yo’s, Jacob’s ladders and wooden tops to gliders and old fashioned musical instruments like penny whistles, train whistles and Kazoos. The gift shop has free admittance and free parking so stop in a play!

Here’s a sample of these great mechanical tin toys: