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Regional Brick Exhibit Showing Now


In the 1800’s, Bricks were the backbone of our region. Clay found in great abundance here in the Appalachian hills created the perfect location for brick factories, which sprung up in many places, with many faces.

Made from Southeast Ohio is our new exhibit focused on all the different, unique bricks that were manufactured here in Southeast Ohio. Ever wonder why there are backward letters on some bricks? Or, whether a brick you saw in Detroit or Chicago were made right here? One of Athens main brick kiln factories was located right next to where the Athens Armory is today. Want to learn more?  Then, come to the History Museum and discover the amazing history of how clay built this city and many others.



There is a wide range of bricks on display- this exhibit will be up till February, so come on in and take a look before it’s gone!

Special Thanks to Ed Newman and Evan Shaw for their contributions to this display.