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“The Sky Has Fallen” New Museum Exhibit open Now


The Sky Has Fallen
Troops, Turmoil, and Teargas
Ohio University  1968-1970

The new exhibit is a black and white photographic display of images in Athens and at Ohio University during the spring of 1970.

April and May of 2015 mark the 45th anniversary of the shootings at Kent State University, a tragedy that brought national attention to the state of Ohio. This event sparked protests on college campuses across the United States, including in Athens. Unlike many other universities in the state, Ohio 01 Ken Steinhoff Troops at Court and UnionUniversity did not immediately shut down after the shootings in Kent. Ohio University stayed open for 11 days before clashes between students and law enforcement forced President Claude Sowle to shut down the campus and send the students home. This exhibit chronicles those tumultuous 11 days in Athens through beautiful, black and white images.

The exhibit is based largely on the images taken by Ken Steinhoff, a photographer for the Athens Messenger. Visitors to the exhibit will see familiar sites in town and on the campus during these troubling days when thousands of students and other activists had taken to the streets and the Ohio National Guard was sent to Athens in an attempt to restore order.

The exhibit received support from the Ohio University Libraries, the Ohio University Department of History and the Contemporary History Institute and local community benefactors.

For more information contact the Athens County Historical Society and Museum at 740-592-2280 or visit the website

. 02 Ken Steinhoff War Memorial