Southeast Ohio History Logo with four outlines of Ohio together at the point to create a compass with the words "Southeast Ohio History Center" in a circle around it.

A New Home AND NAME For History


As we approach our goal of having a new home for the Athens County Historical Society and Museum and Athens Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society, we have been contemplating a new name for the building that will represent our renewed and expanded goals.

There have been several names floating about that would be a bit shorter and easier to say and would stick in peoples minds.  We also are considering what people would be typing in search engines and what words would best describe who and what we are about.

In light of this, we would like to ask YOU, the members and public, what you think!  Here are the names that have been submitted for consideration so far:

1. Southeast Ohio History Center
2. Southeast Ohio Heritage Center
3. Appalachian Ohio History Center
4. Ohio Appalachian Heritage CenterACHSM Building20150512_112721_resized
5. Southeast Ohio History & Culture Center
7. History Center of Southern(or)Southeast Ohio

Part of our expansion in services to our community and the wider Southeastern Ohio area is to open our doors to partnerships with other organizations. We want to work with other history centers and cultural organizations to help them in ways like learning how to properly store and archive valuable artifacts.  We are currently training Ohio University students and community volunteers how to process items donated to a museum, from intake all the way through cataloging and archiving.

We look to increase our partnerships with Ohio University and the Athens City Arts and Parks Department, as well as other cultural and heritage organizations like Little Cities of Black Diamonds. Currently we are partnering with the Ohio Statehouse which will begin an exhibit on the Hotel Berry and the Athens Asylum December 3rd. through June, 2016. The Kennedy Museum at The Ridges has displayed artifacts from ACHS&M and we look forward to working with them in the future.

With our new building will come an enlarged space for not only exhibits but also for expanded programming, events and community space. We envision providing use of the beautiful chapel space for programs, concerts and arts and culture related activities. We sincerely want to become a destination space for Athens and give our culture and our community a place to be proud of.

We have and will always be here to keep safe the precious artifacts of our heritage and history. We now wish to expand our services and make our organization even better and to build upon the legacy started by people like Gifford Doxey, Marge Stone, Beverly Schumacher, Rita Levering, Jo Prisley and the many others who have given so much of their time and money to save Athens Counties history.

We will always officially be the Athens County Historical Society and Museum and Athens Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society.