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2nd History Game Night Champions!


Oh yeah, we did it again! History Game Night entertained, amused and even occasionally stumped our esteemed panel of experts!

The next Game Night will be held in May, so stay turned for the date and time!

This weeks winners in the Jeopardy category are;

Claire Shrontz, History Corp staff who hails from The Plains, Ohio    


Joe Jablonski, PhD, hailing from the windy city of Chicago



Tom O’Grady, our own Executive Director of Athens County (left) who won Cards Against History by choosing the most amusing set of answers to histories most sought out questions (accompanied by fellow player Anthony on right)







Our Master of Ceremony, Elias Jablonski (left) kept the fun going

(he may just have a future in television!)


One of our special guests, Ren (left), who was a wonderful addition to our gang.

Teghan Sharp, after correctly guessing she was Cleopatra in the Guess Who I Am round.