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Join The Friends of the Adena Mound Group


The Plains Mounds scan 01ACHS&M was given a piece of property to care for that holds an ancient Adena/Hopewell mound located in The Plains, Ohio. It was deeded to us in 1989 and we have been caring for it ever since.
We have been very fortunate the last 3 years to have had the Hocking Athens Perry Community Action program assist us in caring for the mound. They have mowed and generally kept clean the area around the mound. This was financed through federal and state funds which meant that we were not charged for the work. Unfortunately due to state financial cuts to the HAPCAP program, they cannot assist us with seasonal care of the mound in the future.
We have a small group that is currently caring for the property. This March, volunteers and staff completed the spring cleaning, which consisted of collecting fallen sticks and branches and clearing invasive species like the Multi-flora Rose. We would love to see more of our members take an active part in the stewardship of such a historic site.
If you would like to volunteer to assist with the care of this most special space, we would love to have you!
If you would like to be part of the historic preservation of this ancient sacred site, please email Bosha at Just send a short note with your name, email address and phone number and we’ll include you in The Friends of the Mound group. We’ll contact you when our next care date is set so you can participate. You can also call us at 740-592-2280 and leave your contact information with Elias Jablonski at the front desk.
The Wolf Plains Group is a Late Adena or Early Hopewell culture group originally consisting of approximately 30 earthworks including 22 conical mounds and nine circular enclosures. Recent radiocarbon dating indicates it is early Hopewell.
The mound was originally gifted to ACHS&M in 1989 by Chuck and Rosalie Wingett. The Society agreed to keep it “in an as-is condition with perhaps just the necessary cleaning and pruning, and periodic mowing of the large area surrounding it.