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Construction Update Nov. 19, 2016


The beginning of November has seen a lot of changes! Things are really picking up now and the construction workers are putting in extra time each week to get things moving.

Scaffolding has gone up to start building the outer wall of the annex which will house the elevator, lobby and office space.scaffolding2

We have all the hard wood flooring inside the building and ready for installation. It will be beautiful.


The walls and ceilings of the exhibit area are also coming along nicely.insidewalls1

Of course, the clock is a big relief to have moved safely.  By Thanksgiving we could have all the electronics wired up and ready to go so keep an ear open for the chiming of our historic clock 🙂swinging-clock


alley-repair The city came and is in the process of repairing the storm drain system under the alley which should improve winter/icy conditions.

elevator-spot  This shot shows the first floor where the elevator will go (the boarded up area on the right) and what will become gift shop space.

That’s it for this week, have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!!