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Construction Update Dec. 6, 2016


It has been a year of change-

Almost a year ago, we bought a building and began the daunting task of turning a 100 year old church into a modern museum and historical center. It’s been a rocky road, but though the hard work of many people putting in many hours, the History Center is taking shape. As you can see from the “before and after” photo, the transformation has come a long way. The light fixtures are going in the library now and the paint is continuing. They will be installing the beautiful brass railing before long, which will look look lovely with the green and brown colors of the library balcony.
















The tent has been installed on the scaffolding and the masons are hard at work building the outside walls of the addition.  We wish them speedy work!


12-16updatephoto10 Drywall is being installed in the new offices, stairways and bathrooms.

A lot of the work that’s being done are things that aren’t that impressive, like all the plastering of holes and cracks.  The drywallers and plasterers have been working for weeks to build new walls and rebuild old ones. Presently, all of collections office space has been crammed into the new conference room


so that the plasterers can patch cracks. We hope that this part of the repair moves quickly, so our collections staff, volunteers and History Corp workers can return to their regular spaces.  Director, Tom O’Grady and I remain parked on the balcony until the new addition is finished for Tom and the new offices downstairs, where the church will have their spaces are done.

We continue to work unceasingly to get your History Center up and running as soon as possible!

Bosha, Museum Coordinator