Southeast Ohio History Logo with four outlines of Ohio together at the point to create a compass with the words "Southeast Ohio History Center" in a circle around it.

Construction update 9.29.2016


The end of September sees the construction moving forward.

We sure have made a mess but sometimes you have to deconstruct in order to modernize and renovate!

main-area-sept-16       main-area-sept-16-2











The metal piers are almost all installed outside so that the concrete and masonry work can begin. Soon, you will see bricks going up and an elevator shaft taking shape. We are hoping our warm weather will stay around this fall in order to get the masonry work done without the need for a “tent” to enclose the addition is order to get the mortar to set. We still haven’t had our annual “Indian Summer” yet so we hope to get the walls up before the snow flies.




meeting-space-area  Downstairs, the walls of a meeting area and office space are going up which will finish off the usable space in the basement area.

So, as we go into October, take a look as you go by or even better, stop in and see for yourself all the hard work and progress that’s being made every day at YOUR new History Center!