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Construction & Gift Shop Update December 21.2016


We have outside walls up!  Just look at how lovely they are. Ah, it does my heart good to see how much progress the bricklayers have made in the last week.


The outside walls are being constructed to match the existing walls, including the stone details (which are covered to prevent damage) and the decorative elements at the top.

Also coming along very nicely is the elevator shaft. Once the roof is on the addition, which could be a soon as the end of next week, the elevator should be shipped and installed! All the staff here have gotten such a good workout from climbing three flights of stairs daily that once the elevator is in, we’ll probably just keep stepping!















The ceiling in the main exhibit/gift shop/library area has been painted and the light fixtures are up. We think everyone will really enjoy that space once it is all done and filled with wonderful exhibits. The ceilings are painted a lovely darker green shade that makes the space so professional and well put together!  Thanks to our architect, Trent DeBruin for his choices- great job Trent!


12-21-2016-15 12-21-16-16

In our temporary gift shop we have gotten in a few new items, seen here are the new famous people in history card games. 12-20-16-8







The new Athens/Southeast Ohio area book, A common Heritage published by The Athens Messenger. There are many really great pieces in this including messenger-book-photoIndigenous Cultures, Canal Era, Ohio Civil War, Education, Sports, 100-Year-Old Companies, King Midget and Notable Southeast Ohioans.



We also have puzzles now of the Athens Asylum and artwork from one of the residents.12-21-16-17

Coming soon will be puzzles of White’s Mill, the now extinct Science Hall at O.U. and I believe a Pappy Mitchel painting image. The new images should be coming in January so check them out.

Please come in and do some last minute holiday shopping with us! The gift shop will be open till Friday, Dec. 23rd at noon!

Finally, we have in really nice quality canvas bags for all those trying to get away from plastic bags

or who just want


a well made, solid bag with a message.  We are working to get these bags into the gift

shop with vintage quilt squares sewn onto them so keep watching for those!

That’s it for now from balcony desk- everyone have a wonderful holiday weekend and a much deserved rest!

Bosha Green

Museum Coordinator