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Construction & Gift Shop Update March 1, 2017


Things are springing up all over- the annex is built and the elevator installers have been busy at work this week and last. The contractors are trying to finish up so we can start the exciting part of this whole endeavor- building a great, fabulous new museum!








The door to the elevator is in and we can’t wait for you to take it for a ride-



The library/genealogy space is getting more impressive every day. The new hardwood flooring is set to go in next week and will finish this beautiful space. Once the flooring is in, we’ll install all the shelving and be ready for the books, desks and all the accoutrements to make this space a destination for all you budding genealogists to find your roots or learn more about historic Athens.   










Some of the massive amount of hardwood flooring ready to be installed


On the left is a shot of the new Director’s office, which kept the architectural outside wall of the main building, which gives it an impressive feel for sure. The photo on the right is of one of two new office spaces made for the Christian Church until they find a new home of their own.

There are now four new restrooms, not quite finished but well on their way-

Happy spring flowers from the garden of your Museum Coordinator to brighten up your day :)

That’s it for now from balcony desk- I’ll be posting a new update next week once the contractors have moved all their equipment so you can see the canvas in which we will build our museum. Everyone have a wonderful Spring and mark your calendars for the GRAND OPENING Saturday, April 15th from 2-5pm

Bosha Green

Museum Coordinator