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Calling all bird watchers!


Annual Chimney Swifts Count starts Sept. 8th. Come be a part of this fascinating event!

Witness a local staging area for migrating Chimney Swifts before they depart to the Amazon basin for their winter vacation.  Dozens, sometimes hundreds of swifts congregate at nightfall and circle until they drop into area chimneys on their way south.  This can be quite spectacular!  We will record the number of swifts entering the chimney here at the History Center.  The public can meet in the parking lot of the Southeast Ohio History Center at the corner of North Congress Street and Rose Avenue in Athens.  Bring a lawn chair and insect repellent.  Guides will arrive 45 minutes before sunset (sunset is at 7:48pm) and give a short introductory program until it is time to count.  Peak entry time is expected to start after sunset.  RSVP to to receive weather/cancellation updates.

This event is free an open to the public so come and enjoy of late summers amazing sights!                                                       Photo credit: Paul J. Fusco/Mount Vernon Songbird Sanctuary 

Hosted by the Southeast Ohio History Center and Athens Area Birders.