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Update on big changes for the Southeast Ohio History Center


See the progress of turning a church into a history center!


Work has been underway for months, moving, deconstructing, renovating and preparing the First Christian Church to become The Southeast Ohio History Center.  Amazing work has been accomplished  and we are getting as much done as possible before the construction crews come in May.

As you can see, much of the existing walls have been removed to open the space and create a light filled exhibit area.













Part of the renovations already completed removed the walls in the basement area to accommodate a larger collections area.  Walls were torn out and the floor was removed, then re-tiled and new shelving put up.




















In this photo you can see what will be the new gift shop space on the first floor and the west side of the Library/Genealogy second floor.  The area with the table in the center will become exhibit space.













Below, is a shot showing the movable wall in it’s “up” position.  The engineering students at O.U. devised a new system for safely moving the wall and installed it in March.  The banners currently hung will be removed and this space will be used for exhibits and quilt display in the future.

Wall up 2


The restrooms are being reconstructed to Americans With Disabilities Act standards so that all may enjoy our spaces!







While there is much more work to be done, you can start to imagine just what a fabulous space this will be for our exhibits, artifacts and programs here at ACHS&M.

There are plans for expanding programming and events, cultural programs and historical offerings.090

We are partnering with area historical and cultural groups to expand our offerings to our members and Southern Ohio. We have begun posting area happenings here on our website so that you can see what’s going on not just here at ACHS&M, but around the area as well!

Our goals are lofty but the board and staff of The Athens County Historical Society and Museum are determined to take our shared past and make a new home for history that will be a beacon for future generations to see.

If you would like to help us take our past into the future, please make a donation or volunteer to help.

Donations can be made to:  ACHS&M, 65 N. Court Street, Athens, Ohio, 45701.  Want more info?  Call 740-592-2280.

There will be a lot of activity happening at the Southeast Ohio History Center in the coming months with the construction crews starting on the electrical, plumbing, carpentry and the new addition which will accommodate a new elevator, more administrative space and a lobby.

Watch for new updates as we work hard to make a new home for history;


Coming in 2016