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Athens County Family History book of 1987 available now!


1987 Athens County Family History Book

Complied by Beverly Schumacher and Mary L. Bowman.
This reprint of the 1987 original contains 310 pages with an index and table of contents. What a fascinating look back at the families that made Athens County what it is today and the stories that accompany them. With a listing of the pioneer and 1st families, this is a must have reference book for the historian or the Genealogist in your family.
Along with the usual family genealogy you’ll learn about the Emerick/Winland family who recounts the beginning of their property from “An unimaginably long time ago” back when the continents collided. You’ll learn of Indian paths and woolly mammoth bones including a picture of a Brachiosaurus, who was kind enough to pose for camera.
Read the history of the Tippie family and the beginning of the spiritualist movement in Athens County. Learn of the octagonal building raised to bring in the spirits of the dearly departed. Read of the Séances that were held and the cemetery that John Tippie began.
There is also a section on businesses of our area with gems like the original picture of Millers Poultry Shop, which began business in the back of a barn owned by Otis Ray Miller six mile east of Athens in 1946.
Families are listed alphabetically with many personal and family photos.
We thank Beverly Schumacher and Mary Bowman for all their hard work and for the members who assisted them in the culmination of the stories and family histories.
So, pick up your copy today- You’ll learn so much you didn’t know about the county you live in and the families who are still here making Athens County great! Get your copy at the ACHSM gift shop or by calling us today at 740-592-2280. The cost is $25.00 which goes towards printing and handling costs. Limited quantities available.