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1897-1909 Athens Gazette available online!


Thanks to the Ohio History Connection, we can now access the Athens County Gazette from 1897 to 1909.



Information supplied by the Ohio History Connection-

The Athens County Gazette collection includes 1897-1909.

The Athens County Gazette was established in 1889 to serve residents of the city of Athens and surrounding areas in southeastern Ohio. This eight-page weekly was Republican in politics and had a circulation of around 2,000 in 1900.

Readers of the Gazette found items covering local, state, national and international news within its pages, such as business reports and advertisements, political speeches and cartoons, military updates, religious sermons, agriculture reports and social news. The Gazette covered the comings, goings, births, deaths, marriages and more of local residents from Athens and nearby communities such as Albany, Chauncey and Zelda. The paper also regularly reported on news from Ohio University, including coverage of its 1904 centennial celebration.

In 1909, the Gazette was absorbed by the Valley Register, published in nearby Nelsonville, Ohio, which ceased publication less than a decade later in 1917.