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I’m very excited to announce that our programs here at the Museum will be video taped in the future and will appear here on our website so that ALL our membership can enjoy the wonderful programs given at the Athens County Historical Society & Museum.  ENJOY!    Bosha Green, Museum Coordinator, ACHS&M

To watch “A Revolutionary War Drummer” click on the link below:


A huge thank you goes out to the Athens Government Channel and especially Matthew Scott Luhn for video taping and editing our programs.  You can find lots of good local information through the cities website at:  

The first in our web series is Tom Romine, who will be speaking on the important role of the military drummer throughout history. The Revolutionary War drummer was an essential part of the first Army in the colonies at the time of the Revolutionary War.  Tom will demonstrate and explain what the drummer did and how the soldiers of the time period depended on the drummers in their daily lives.

Tom Romine is a native of Athens, Ohio and began playing drums at the age of ten.  He played in the Athens High School band, the Ohio University band, the First U.S. Army Band at Ft. Meade, Maryland, the Fourth Infantry Division Band in Vietnam, and Utah National Guard Band.  Tom holds a Bachelor and Masters Degree in Music from the University of Utah and Doctor of Musical Arts from the Ohio Sate University. He has been an assistant band director at Logan High for the past fifteen years.