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Squirrel Invasion

Army marches in formation down street in illustration

Invading Hordes of Squirrels? If it happened, it hasn’t happened recently. Nonetheless, many local county histories recall stories of hordes of squirrels swarming over farmland and devastating crops in 1800’s Ohio. The plague of squirrels was reportedly so great it caused famine and suffering. Some local histories report the population exploded in Kentucky and thousands […]

Tom O’Grady: A Voice for Voiceless History

Join us on Thursday, August 25th at 5:30pm to participate in a discussion about the importance of historic preservation.

Tom O’Grady- a lifelong voice for natural, cultural, and historic preservation- will speak on his four decades spent working as a voice for the preservation of the Athens Asylum. We invite everyone to attend- admission is free and the doors will open at 5:00.